16 CE

14 Hours Lecture AGD Subject Code: 690

2 Hours Participation AGD Subject Code: 690

Provided by the Oral Reconstruction Foundation

PACE Certification for Implant Beginnings


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Our Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to…

  1. Observe live implant surgery and the TeethXpress® method of immediate fixed conversion.
  2. Identify best practices for applying a team methodology with the surgical specialist, restorative doctor and laboratory.
  3. Understand predictable implant placement, including anterior/posterior spread, ridge reduction, torque values, vertical dimension, etc.
  4. Minimize chair time for optimal patient care and efficiency.
  5. Identify and attract a consistent stream of TeethXpress cases in your practice.
  6. Demonstrate how to achieve higher case acceptance for full arch implant dentistry.
  7. Determine how edentulous, partially-edentulous and fully-dentate immediate load candidates are motivated differently.
  8. Learn effective strategies for treatment planning as a laboratory technician with the surgical specialist and dentist.
  9. Perform laboratory conversion techniques through a hands-on session and observation of a conversion process during a live surgery.
  10. Apply systems required for becoming the go-to immediate load laboratory within your local market.
  11. Become proficient and efficient in laboratory full arch immediate load.


  • Best practices for full arch clinical and marketing success.
  • Live surgery and immediate load observation.
  • Comprehensive hands-on training.
  • Systems for achieving case acceptance.
  • Adopting a clinical team approach for the surgical specialist, restorative doctor and laboratory.


Special Note

TeethXpress is a comprehensive full-arch protocol and business program combining advanced dental implant technologies with practice tools to increase patient acceptance for full arch immediate load therapy.

This comprehensive two-day course with live surgical and restorative demonstration will train the team (surgeon, restorative dentist and lab technician) on full arch conversions with a special focus on patient identification, case acceptance and business development strategies.

Attendees who become certified TeethXpress Providers will get added to the exclusive TeethXpress provider network and receive full access to the CaseXpress armamentarium of practice development tools.

For best results, it is strongly recommended that surgical specialists, referring dental colleagues and a preferred dental laboratory technician attend as a teamSurgeons are expected to have intermediate experience in dental implant surgery.