Digital Implant Prosthetics|Photography

$1,100.00 (USD)

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10 CE
8.5 Hours Lecture AGD Subject Code: 690
1.5 Hours Participation AGD Subject Code: 690
PACE Certification for Implant Beginnings
Special Note: We strongly recommend registering for Implant Digital Prosthetics|Photography and EstheticZone both of which are related and are back to back.  


Our Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to…

  1. Be able to apply Implanting Mentors presentation of evidenced- based research/ technology and knowledge of digital implant reconstruction for predictable rehabilitation.
  2. Evaluate the possibilities that digital Implantology offers to your practice.
  3. Perform hands-on workshops related to digital implant prosthetic reconstruction and Photography.


  1. Learn the fundamentals, equipment, and nuances of Digital fixed prosthetics.
  2. Learn the protocols for digital single and multi-unit prosthetics.
  3. Learn how to design you own custom abutments with Biohorizons Forge software.


  1. Understand the key principles of photography.
  2. Understand critical elements of the camera system used for dental photography.
  3. Be able to follow standardized protocol and new guidelines for consistent, reliable and professional-quality photographs.
  4. Hands-on clinical lighting practice with diverse techniques and equipment.
  5. Be exposed to high-quality digital extra-oral and intra-oral photography techniques.
  6. The advanced techniques in dental photography and lighting that will make your pictures prominent and help you make your dentistry outstanding.
  7. Tips and techniques on utilizing photography for enhanced patient communication.
  8. Different lighting, subject poses, and props to make smiles look the most pleasant.
  9. Developing the fundamentals to incorporate dental photography as a vital part of your practice promotion.


  • Forge software.
  • Digital fixed prosthetics.
  • Digital single and multi-unit prosthetics.
  • Design custom abutments.
  • High-quality digital extra-oral and intra-oral photography techniques.
  • Photography for enhanced patient communication.
  • Dental photography as a vital part of your practice promotion.
  • Principles of photography.
  • Design of implant restorations.

Participant Requirements: We want you to bring the camera you use everyday in your practice with a memory card.  A laptop with the Adobe Lightroom and photoshop loaded.  They offer 14 day trials. A BioHorizons account for Forge software; this is a no charge account.