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23 CE
19.5 Hours Lecture AGD Subject Code: 690
3.5 Hours Participation AGD Subject Code: 690
PACE Certification for Implant Beginnings
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Our Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to…

  1. Apply Implanting Mentors presentation of evidenced- based research and knowledge of surgical and restorative multi implant reconstruction for predictable rehabilitation.
  2. Describe the 3D anatomy, biologic activity and surgical wound healing for multi implant procedures.
  3. Understand treatment parameters and surgical protocols of multi implant reconstruction.
  4. Perform practical hands-on workshop skills related to multi implant reconstruction.
  5. Identify, assess, resolve and prevent complications associated with multi implant procedures.
  6. Observe live multi implant placement surgeries to solidify clear procedural understanding.
  7. Indicate the benefits and types of guided implant placement.
  8. Determine how to easily design and manufacture surgical guides.


  • History and rationale for multi dental implant reconstruction.
  • Radiographic CBCT diagnostic, anatomy, analysis and interactive treatment planning for multi implant reconstruction.
  • Medical/dental evaluation importance and Pharmacologic management for multi implant reconstruction.
  • Prosthetic/ Surgical diagnosis and Treatment planning (fixed and edentulous) factors for multi implant reconstruction.
  • Bone anatomy physiology, biology, classifications, density and modifications, healing and grafting for multi implant reconstruction.
  • Prosthetic fixed/ removable classifications, components, biomechanics, cementation, impression techniques, scanning techniques, occlusion, progressive bone loading protocols and screw vs cement retained for multi implant reconstruction.
  • Atraumatic multi extractions and socket membrane grafting for multi implant reconstruction.
  • Advanced surgical principles, techniques, armamentarium, pre/post-operative management, anesthetic techniques, incision designs, tissue reflection and management, site development, implant position and placement for multi implant reconstruction.
  • Indications for Stage I and Stage II surgeries for multi implant reconstruction.
  • Manage implant maintenance to prevent complications with multi implant reconstructions.